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VSARN's Legislation

It all started with two students, Minelle Sarfo-Adu and Addie Lentzner, who were students in a summer politics immersion. Legislator Michelle Bos-Lun was leading a session on policy, and was willing to help students develop their own bills. With all of the news about critical race theory, Minelle and Addie decided to start a bill around anti-racism in education. We wanted to stress the point that anti-racism is a crucial part of education. We don't want to make white kids feel guilty; on the contrary, we want to empower all students with the true history. That's why we created this bill. We submitted it, H 584, after working on it with the full VSARN group for many months. It didn't pass in 2021, but we are re-submitting it and continuing our work.

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