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VSARN Projects

The Book Project

Our Book Project is a project that aims to teach young kids about anti-racism and inclusivity. We believe that if we start exposing kids to diversity and anti-racism early, we can help them become more conscious adults. 
So, The Book Project is where we donate anti-racist and diverse books to elementary schools, create lesson plans and activities around it, and teach the lessons in classrooms. Some of our books are centered on anti-racism and learning about racism, and some just have diverse characters to help kids value diversity and see themselves and their friends equally represented in literature.
Over the past three years, we have donated over 375 books to elementary schools and taught lessons in over 25 classrooms. We aim to bring this project to every elementary school in Vermont. Help us in this mission by joining VSARN today!
If you are a teacher who wants the lesson plans or to get books, please fill out this survey:

Bill Project

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School to Prison Pipeline 

The School to Prison Pipeline group in VSARN works to educate ourselves and others on the issue of the school-to-prison pipeline, work on advocacy and policy change, and promote awareness. Check out some important research below, and check back frequently for updates on our work!

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